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In today's climate, many businesses are stagnating, as valuable time is daily wasted on tedious tasks - tasks that could readily be automated. We envision a future where this doesn't have to be the norm.

Harnessing the power of robotic process automation has allowed us to operate with enhanced efficiency and productivity, creating a more streamlined workflow. We soon realized that other businesses could undoubtedly benefit from the automation solutions we implemented for ourselves. Fueled by our desire to share our knowledge and expertise, we launched this website in January 2017, a collaborative endeavor between Korper ICT and 80s Interactive.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates recurring tasks. This extends to areas like customer service desks, CRM systems, and Claims Applications, enabling you to save precious time. But fear not, embracing RPA doesn't mean abandoning your current systems. RPA interacts with your existing applications, maintaining the familiar graphical interface your team is accustomed to.

We've already assisted numerous organizations, always aiming to maximize automation benefits for our clients. Properly utilizing RPA creates room - room for innovative and strategic initiatives that push your enterprise forward. RPA not only improves your working life but also enhances your team's experience!

Unleash your business potential, empower it with automation!

At Robotic Process Automation, we envisage a future where businesses harness advanced automation technologies to amplify efficiency and productivity. Our vision is to spearhead the RPA industry, providing pioneering solutions that streamline business processes and unlock untapped growth potential.

Who we are:

Born from a collective passion for technology and business efficiency, Robotic Process Automation was founded by seasoned industry professionals. Our pioneers, deeply rooted in automation and the IT sector, came together with an audacious mission: to revolutionize how businesses operate, unlocking their potential through the power of RPA.

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Koen Clement

Sr. Consultant

Arno Westerhuis

QA Tester

Naftali Lindwer

Backend Developer

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Our experience with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Korper ICT has been a pivotal shift in our operational framework. RPA, with its ability to automate monotonous tasks, has played a vital role in improving our overall operational efficiency and significantly reducing manual labor. The transition from manual to automated processes has saved us valuable time and has led to a remarkable decrease in errors.

Furthermore, we have found RPA to be a powerful tool for every team, regardless of their technical background. The user-friendly nature of RPA enables easy building and management of automated workflows, which has spurred a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within our organization.

Working with Korper ICT has been instrumental in our successful implementation of RPA. Their expertise, swift problem-solving, and commitment to customer service made our transition to automation seamless. Their understanding of our unique business needs and their dedicated support set them apart from other service providers, making them an integral partner in our journey towards operational efficiency.

Softcon CIS

Our journey with RPA has been revulutionairie! As providers of control information systems, we had previously relied heavily on batch files and scripts to import ERP data from applications like SAP. The process was slow, cumbersome, and lacked uniformity. With the implementation of RPA, we've revolutionized how we manage data. RPA has enabled us to create a singular, dynamic workflow that can easily be applied to each of our customers, dramatically simplifying the integration process.

With the reduction in complex scripting, we've noticed a significant improvement in onboarding new clients into our system. Building new tasks within the workflow has become significantly easier and faster. More importantly, this ease extends to our team members, who've found RPA easy to learn and use, even with minimal programming experience. RPA has made it possible to swiftly construct intricate tasks, boosting our efficiency to a new high.

We collaborated with Korper during this transformation, and their involvement has been invaluable. Their expertise and support in navigating the RPA landscape have been instrumental in our successful adoption of this game-changing technology. Korper’s ability to offer solutions tailored to our needs, coupled with their prompt and professional service, has made our transition to RPA smooth and effective.

To anyone considering RPA, I can confidently affirm that it’s a powerful tool that simplifies operations and accelerates productivity. And with a reliable partner like Korper, the transition becomes a seamless journey of growth and transformation

Netherlands Cancers Institute

The implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in our business processes has revolutionized the way we work. It has significantly reduced our workload by automating numerous processes, particularly with an application that supports our web servers. Thanks to RPA, we can now both retrieve and submit data in a simpler and more efficient way.

After ten years of using RPA, it's hard to imagine how we ever functioned without it. It has improved all processes within our company and made coding more accessible for us. Despite the fact that we employ few programmers, the user-friendly nature of RPA has made it possible for everyone within our organization to work with it. It is therefore no surprise that we highly recommend RPA to other companies. It has the potential to significantly simplify business processes.

Our collaboration with Korper ICT, the driving force behind our RPA implementation, also deserves special mention. Their support and expertise have made the process seamless and successful. Korper ICT has distinguished themselves with their quick and effective support, making the RPA integration smoother than we could have imagined. We look forward to further collaborations with Korper ICT, and have no doubts that other companies seeking a smooth and professional RPA implementation will experience the same.


The implementation of RPA within our organization has acted as a catalyst for transformative efficiency and accuracy. It has radically streamlined our processes, reducing manual labor and significantly accelerating delivery times. This has not only provided rapid solutions to our business partners and customers but also enriched the daily operational experience of our team. The intuitive, low-code nature of RPA makes it a user-friendly tool, eliminating the necessity for extensive coding knowledge and simplifying maintenance tasks.

In terms of its influence on our business model, RPA has been nothing short of a game-changer. It has significantly reduced manual workload, particularly in our technical departments, liberating resources for more strategic tasks. We ardently endorse RPA for any business aspiring to boost productivity, streamline operations, and seize the future.

Transitioning to the critical role of Korper ICT in our journey, their contribution has been invaluable. Their professional, responsive approach complemented the RPA implementation perfectly, making the process smooth and efficient. Their adept handling of our data migration exemplifies their expertise. As a reliable partner, Korper ICT's commitment and ability to communicate effectively and solve issues swiftly set them apart. Their role in our success story cannot be overstated.

Our values

Customer Centricity

We prioritize our clients, ensuring we exceed their expectations and meet their unique needs with unwavering dedication.


Our quest for novel and enhanced methods to make our RPA solutions more potent and streamlined never ceases. We are at the vanguard of innovation.


We foster a culture of collaboration, working hand-in-hand with our clients, partners, and team members, ensuring we achieve stellar results together.


We are firmly committed to maintaining integrity at our core, ensuring that honesty and ethical conduct permeate all our actions.

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