Save Time? Automate Your Accounts Receivable!

The accounts receivable department often has enough to do without having to process invoices manually. Yet, many businesses still wade through stacks of paper invoices and bills. It's high time for a change. Our specialists can automate various processes for your company, including payment processes!

Accounts Receivable Is Ready For Change

The cost of manually processing a paper invoice and sending a paper bill ranges between €7 and €9. The long processing times can also mean that you can't take advantage of certain early-payment discounts. This makes the accounts receivable department quite expensive. The people working in this department can't do anything about it – they do their best. What they need are automated processes to reduce costs.

Imagine if your organization's accounts receivable not only had automated processes, making payments much easier, but also brought financial benefits. It sounds too good to be true, but it's not.

Automating Accounts Receivable with Software Robots

Software robots can take over a large part of your financial administration. There are several tasks they can perform independently. These include converting quotes to invoices, sending invoices and payment reminders, processing incoming invoices, and linking purchase invoices to the corresponding orders.

Leveraging the software robots of RPA brings many benefits:

  • They work 100% error-free;
  • They can perform tasks in exactly the same way time after time;
  • They can work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • They prevent things from being overlooked;
  • They don't get sick and don't take days off;
  • They help relieve your staff.

By automating your accounts receivable with software robots, you can save a lot of costs, and operational excellence is finally within reach.